Choosing Grow Tent Kits for Beginners

A grow tent has very many benefits among them being privacy and the ability to grow regardless of the weather outside. So, you have just decided to buy grow tent kits to get started but on looking around there are just too many such kits in the market you are unable to decide on which one to get. Go through this guide and by the end of the text you will be able to easily choose the grow tent kits that will suit you best.

Soil or hydroponics

Thanks to advancements in technology, plants can now be grown in water with the right media and they will grow as well as they do in soil if not better. They even ripen faster than in soil. The only problem is that hydroponics can be more expensive since water pumps need to run around the clock. On the other hand, there is always that sense of security attached to traditional methods. Soil is equally a good medium on which to grow your plants in the grow tent. It will be a tedious process though. Choosing which way to go is the first decision you need to make when you decide to buy grow tent kits.

Size of growing environment

How many crops do you want to grow? How big is the room where you would like to place the grow tent? The answers to these questions will determine the size of the grow tent and the kits it comes with. There are many different sizes so you can choose one that suits your needs best. When you are just beginning it is best to opt for small grow tent kits so as to test the waters before you get in for the swim. You do not want to take the plunge only to find out that gardening using grow tents is not for you. Also, consider how tall the plants you want to plant grow. Ensure that the tent is tall enough to cater for this growth.

Performance and price

As a beginner, you need to have a grow tent kit that actually works to ensure that you get a good crop yield but without it costing too much. Look at the frame to ensure that it is rigid and stable. It should be able to handle the weight you will be placing on it as well as the lighting. The fabric should be light-proof when all openings are closed with a reflective interior. Hemp canvas is a particularly good material for making the fabric. The tent should also have two or more ventilation flaps whereas the lighting should be able to provide adequate heat. It is advisable to choose grow tent kits that have basic performance capabilities and then later opting for kits with advanced performance when you have a little more experience. It is important to note that the more the advanced features the kits have the more expensive they will be.

So, which grow tent kits to buy? The best option is to choose the best you can afford so long as it will fit into your space and you can use your preferred media for growing the crops.